Yes, that’s right folks, it’s going to be a Bank Holiday Weekend BONANZA at wrestlegasm.com.  Most people spend the Bank Holidays lounging around, doing nothing, waking up on Tuesday morning wondering what the hell they did with their free day off work. Well not lil ole me. I shall be beavering away bringing you loads of hilarious content right here. It’s safe to say that by Tuesday morning I will probably have RSI in my wrists and fingers and won’t be able to keep my eyes open, but that’s ok. All for the good of the wrestlegasms.

What you can expect……

  • A full and complete run down of all the rubbish that went down at Judgment Day.  A PPV I did actually watch and pay for. Unlike others who recap things they didn’t even watch. Ahem.
  • All the fall out from JD that took place on Monday Night Raw
  • A full Smackdown recap
  • A statement proving that Blog War 09 is officially alive and kicking and, despite scandalous rumours intended to sully my good name, my army of one soldier has NOT fallen at the hands of George Washington’s troops.
  • And if I get time I might even do a little bit more on the women’s division with a look back at Wrestlemania I. Yes, I was alive then. No, I wasn’t really old enough to care about anything apart from my Care Bears. But I’ll give it a go.


    • In my mind, Adam speaks like Danny DeVito. And Matt speaks like George Strait. Actually, I usually assume Adam speaks like Christopher Moltisanti. Or should I say Chris-to-fo.

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