Make love, not war

Against my better judgement, I registered on Twitter on Sunday. I figured it would assist me in coming across other young ladies who think wrestlers are fit, and help to find other like-minded folks to share blog links with. So I went about my business, checking people out, clicking on the links to their websites.

As I was clicking through, wondering if I was the only one who got it that the WWE is not real life, I came across the boys at LOL, Wresslin’. Heeeey, they’re just like me, I thought. They too understand that the WWE is brilliant and absolutely hilarious, often for totally the wrong reasons.  I scanned through their pages and LOLd at their adventures in wrestling. I even noticed that they stole the same picture of Dave Batista from as I did.  And, I put a link to them on the front page of my blog. I figured anyone who enjoyed my scribblings would enjoy theirs too. See, I’m nice like that.

I decided to make an attempt at strengthening that ‘special relationship’ between our two nations and extended a virtual hand of friendship.

I should have known better.  Why? Because they are blokes. American Blokes. Competitive American Blokes. My boyfriend is American. And competitive. I should have recognised the type. Instead of being polite and returning the handshake, they did the virtual equivalent of this……..

Thanks guys.  Boys! Urgh! Not only picking on a girl, but picking on the NEW girl. Shameful. What, do you punch kittens in the face just for kicks too?

They even had the cheek to suggest that I had ‘taken inspiration’ from them. Shocking! Especially as I didn’t even know they existed until Sunday. You really do give me no choice but to morph in to Supernanny and put you both on the naughty step until you learn how to behave yourselves.


My first reaction to being called out went a little something like this………………………………………..


……….and yes, I WAS drinking tea when I read it. Fo realz! At first I figured it was just some kind of ‘sarcasm initiation ceremony’. Like I was being inducted in to some form of blogging Hall of Fame by the Masters of Comedy. But then I’m not sure that Americans DO sarcasm and irony. At least, that’s the impression they give off when passing through US Border Control at several airports.

So then maybe I figured it was the internet equivalent of when boys yank on the pigtails of the girls they like in the playground….’cause girls are EEEEEWWWWW and if their buddies thought they liked a girl, well, they’d never let them take part in ‘recess Raw’ ever again.


Isn’t there enough room for all of us on the interwebz? I don’t wanna fight. I’m a Welsh rugby fan.  You know how we roll, right? No? Oh ok, I’ll edumacate you.

Let’s make love, not war…..that’s my motto. I can’t make love by myself. Well, I can, but it’s never quite as satisfying on your own, is it?  And besides, unless you plan on declaring John Cena as your number one shag-buddy choice, or you plan on doing this kind of shit……………….


we’re kind of singing from different wrestling hymn sheets, are we not?

Whaddaya say fellas? Group hug?

Sealed with a 1970s kiss of peace:



2 thoughts on “Make love, not war

  1. Hey Ray,

    Good job likening Blog War ’09 to Stone Cold stunning Stephanie. On the surface it appears as if the big, bad World Champion stunned a poor, innocent woman for no reason. But in that very video, Stephanie admits to slapping Stone Cold, thus initiating the retaliation. Much like when you stole our Batista joke.

    For a refresher course on how to properly use Youtube in a post, please read this weeks W.W.W.!

    -The Chuckle Split Zygots.

    • I don’t know what you mean. Stephanie McMahon is delightful young woman and whatever her reason for slapping Stone Cold was ( I forgot) I’m sure it was MORE than valid. Besides, as you seem determinded to FALSELY expose me as a copyright whore, this might have been a more appropriate video choice…………..

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